Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bogota Adventures

Life with Dayan continues to be an adventure. We're all slowly but surely finding our new roles. On Monday, we decided to take a bicycle tour of Bogota. We made our way to La Candelaria to meet our guide. Once we were fitted with bikes (and a bike seat for Dayan), we were off through the busy, traffic-filled streets of Bogota. We weaved in and out of traffic (with my heart in my throat), through parts of the city we would not have seen otherwise, imagine riding your bike through Manhattan rush hour traffic. We stopped at several plazas and historical monuments we didn't even know existed. We rode through parts of the city that not many foreigners get to see, in fact, we witnessed a police chase right in front of us, with the crowd cheering on both sides of the street (we're still not sure which side they were cheering for). After a while, we made our way to the city market, a beautiful gathering of the freshest fruits, vegetables, flowers ... you name it, they had it. The colors and smells all around us almost made the white-knuckle, near-death, traffic-defying bike ride worth it! We enjoyed a fresh fruit salad (made right in front of us) and some fruit juices and also grabbed some fruits for the ride back. Unfortunately, the rain caught up to us and we decided to split up. I took the girls back in a taxi and Peter continued on with the guide. 

Once we were reunited and the rain stopped, our guide Juan gave us a quick walking tour of the area and left us at the Botero Museum. What a treat! Fernando Botero is considered one of Colombia's national treasures. His whimsical paintings can be funny and quite unusual. Not only does the museum house many of his most famous paintings, but we were also lucky enough to enjoy collections by other artists such as Picasso, Renoir, Dali, Matisse, Monet, Degas an Chagall! And did I mention admission is FREE? Seriously? We may just have to go back and do it all over again! 

After the museum, we walked down the cobble stone street and ducked into a restaurant, we enjoyed a delicious dinner of typical Colombian food (the best meal we've had so far!)
All in all, a great day in Bogota! 

P.S. Tuesday morning is our "IntegraciĆ³n" meeting with ICBF.

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notoriousmle.com said...

Don't forget to check out Museo Nacional too! That's one of our favorites and our friends apt (where we stayed) is pretty much across the street. The building itself is very beautiful and there is a Wok right behind it so you can slurp up a taste of home afterwards. :) I like the limonada de cocos.